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Hello and Welcome my Name is Robbie..Named after a friend.

Hello People of the Web World, and hello to those of you who are looking for Native American Links and information.

For you frequent visitors, and you new visitors, these pages have recently been modified for better navigation.

I have created these web pages for you to go to if you want to find over 325 Native American Links, Native American stories, as well as Native American Legends and facts...

Please, go towards the bottom of this page and click on the Native American Links button, that will take you to many other pages of information, links stories and wolf facts.

If any of these links don't work please feel free to E-mail me at either of the addresses that I have listed on that web page...

This first page tells a little about my family, and where we live.

I am married. I am of mixed heritage. My Mother is Mi'Kmaq (Mic Mac). My Father is Irish and German. My nick name on the web is Luchs32, which in the German Language means Lynx.

My Husband is also mixed heritage, he is Sicilian and Naragansett from the Rhode Island area.

And between us we have several children.

I have family research that I am currently doing in Nova Scotia. On several of the reservations up there.. I want to find my ancestors and get as much information on the Mi'kmaq traditions, and life in the Mi'kmaq society as possible..

We live in a small rural town in New Hampshire. In the White Mountain Region, not far from the Lakes region of New Hampshire.

My husband and I enjoy Pow wow's, Native American events, and many other Inter-Tribal activities. We help to put on some of the local Powwow's in Maine and New Hampshire,
near our area.

My husband and I enjoy deer hunting. The hunting for deer is great even though, I don't get my deer every year, but you have to remember that the deer are always somewhere, not necessarily where you are, but somewhere....

Bear hunting is popular too, but I don't do that.. Also fishing and camping is popular here in New Hampshire in the summer time. There is great snow skiing, and snow boarding here in the winter time. And the Fall is spectacular with all of the changing leaves. The New Hampshire notches are beautiful and popular to visit all year round, but they are the best in the fall because of the different hues of the ever changing leaves during the foliage season.

My husband and I love to tour on our motorcycles, we each have a Honda, 1200 Goldwing.. I have no problem handling the touring machine...

And I also love computers.. I have now received my new computer. It is a AMD Athalon system from Gateway and I love it. My other system failed, and to continue updating this site I had to get something new..
So here I am now with my new system..

If you want to know when these pages were last updated, and if you want to send me an E-mail, or go to any one of my many links, Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and take a look. I make sure to post the date every time I am here to update anything on any of these pages.

Now on to my Native American Links Pages. I Hope you find all of these Links helpful and useful to you in your quest for knowledge.

Photography by Susanne Champa, Magnolia, Massachusetts

This picure was taken at a Powwow here in New Hampshire on my 2nd wedding anniversary.

This is me on a friends horse.. My true Native people didn't have horses until the Europeans and Spanish came. Many of the western cultures did though.

This will take you to over 325 Native Web Pages & links
This takes you to my Native American web and links pages, when you click on it.. There are well over 325 links here now on the 7 different pages I have created. If there are any problems with any of these links please inform me, so I can fix them... Thank you.. Just click on the image to get there.

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