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The wolf has extreme intelligence. The wolf goes out of it's way to avoid trouble. Wolves do not fight unnecessarily. Though they have strong disagreements they hardly ever actually end up in serious fights. Often a glance, a posture, or a growl bearing their teeth is all that is necessary to determine dominance. They do not have to fight or demonstrate it but they are capable of it "IF" it comes down to it. Some legends believe that the wolves use ravens or crows as aerial spotters to alert themselves to food sources and to trouble. Ravens and crows will often follow wolves. I do not know or understand why or what the signifigance of this is.

Wolves have extremely keen senses, and they also have excellent hearing. One of the keenest is their sense of smell. It is said to be about 100 times greater than that of a humans sense of smell. The wolves hunting, strongly depends on its ability to hear and smell in their surroundings.

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