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Wolves are extremely tolerant. All members of a pack show great care and affection towards new pups. If the mother or father are unable to care for the pups, then another member of the pack will "adopt" the pups. Some wolves serve as babysitters while the parents are off hunting. Adult wolves are amiable towards pups. Even when the pups are extremely playful.

Wolves of course are predators. Their prey consists of the weak or sick, the small and the old, and their prey is mostly deer. Deer is most commonly their prey animal, although in hard times they will eat mice and other small animals. Wolves will not attack a healthy moose, elk or deer that stands it's ground. Wolves may travel great distances in thier hunting.

They have a stamina and a strength that enables them to travel for long periods of time and far away. Wolves usually consume all the prey that they capture gorging themselves. And sometimes when the pups are old enough to begin to eat meats one or two members of the pack will regurgitate some of the meat to feed to the pups once back at the den.

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