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New England Powwow Schedule *

2010 Calendar of Indian Social Events

  • * Please note: This multi State and Province calendar is published as a courtesy to all people who participate in and enjoy Native American events. However, please call and confirm the date, place and trader info with sponsoring organization before traveling any distance!

  • Feel free to link back to this web page.

  • We cannot be responsible for changes in dates, times, or places etc. of these events. So, Please call ahead, we suggest at least 2 weeks before scheduled event. Also, We cannot send updates via e-mail.

  • I have been unable to update this page, so far this year 2010 due to the continuing family medical emergency. Please accept my apologies to you, but you can download the PDF version of the 2010 calendar and print it for now until I can get back on line again to update this page..

  • If you would like your event listed or know of any changes, please send info
    to us here..... Main E-mail or to us here....Enjoy! Back-Up E-mail

  • If you would like to use this powwow listing for your website, please link to this page, or give credit.

  • Check back. New powwows will be posted as we receive them (as well as any date changes etc.)

  • TBA = To Be Announced
  • **(NT) = No Traders
  • Edu = Educational
  • = New Listing

  • (AIS) = American Indianist Society
  • DITIC = Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council
  • GLICA = Greater Lowell Indian Council Assoc.
  • ICONE = Intertribal Council Of New England
  • LIHA = Laconia Indian Historical Association
  • MCNAA = Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness
  • NAD = Native Americans at Dartmouth College
  • NAAD = Native American Appreciation Days
  • NAICB = North American Indian Center of Boston
  • NENAI = New England Native American Institute
  • NHITC = New Hampshire Inter-Tribal Council
  • TOPIC = The Order for the Preservation of Indian Culture
  • TRPA = Three Rivers Pow wow Association
  • UNACC = United Native American Cultural Center
  • WIIC = Worcester Intertribal Indian Center

  • Click here for The 2010 PDF Listing

    Adobe Acrobat required. (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print this file - free download)- Click Here for the Adobe Acrobat Website




    Princess Winona,m who crossed over January 28th 2003, provided a Calendar of Indian Social Events in 1986, with Loviong One of the Nipmuck Chaubunagungamaug, and in 1987 with Tom Black Crow Chaffee. Over the years she continued to provide the Calendar "For All Who Participate in and Enjoy Native American Events". In her memory and love for all people, the family of Princess Winona has honored us and continued with her annual Calendar Tradition.

    At this time we thank June Little Winona for her time and wonderful efforts in producing the annual Pow-Wow and events Calendar every year.

    June Little Winona is carrying on the tradition of her Mother "Princess Winona" by producing the Calendar of Indian Social Events and Schedule. No one realizes just how much work goes into this project.

    To get your own Pow Wow Events Schedule
    (Please send a donation for copies) and a
    Self Addressed, Stamped, Business Sized Envelope (SASE) to;
    June Little Winona,
    Eastern Indian Events Coordinator,
    196 Highland Street, Apt 2
    Worcester, MA 01609.

    Also another Special Thanks goes out to Wandering Bull

    TEL. 508-226-6074 - FAX. 508-226-4878

    If your event is not listed here then you did not e-mail me the information at Main E-mail or to us here! Back-Up E-mail, or you did not get your information into June Little Winona's Calendar by no Later than October 1st to be posted in the next years Calendar of Indian Social Events.

    For your New Pow Wow Events Calendar & Schedule
    (Please send a donation for copies) and a
    Self Addressed, Stamped, Business Sized Envelope (SASE)
    After November 1st
    to the Eastern Indian Events Coordinator, address listed above!

    Thank you for Visiting this web page.

  • AND AGAIN AS A REMINDER, We cannot be responsible for changes in dates, times, or places etc of these events. Also, we cannot send updates via e-mail.