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Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts
This Image and the following images are from Leanin' Tree Cards and Gifts pages. Click on any of these images and they will take you there to order their catalog or cards and gifts.

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts

Leanin Tree Cards & Gifts
This Photograph was taken at the former Black Eagle Encampment, Located at the Sinapius Buffalo Farm.

The Black Eagle Encampment© is no longer in operation at this time.

This Photograph was taken by Natalie "Vision Seeker" Peterson. . And is copyrighted.

My Other List of Links!

SamE'-Na-Qwa Se'-Nom Nation
Our site is specifically written to those of mixed blood from the
Waaban Aki Crafting Supplies
Here is a page that has info on beads bone and many other craft items..
Wandering Bull
American Indian Crafts and supplies store and catalog
The White Buffalo
Arts and Native American Crafts.
Buckskin Fur and Leather trading Company
Your Tannery Connection Call 1-888-723-0806 anywhere in the United States and Canada to request a price list or go to our page.
Stroudsburg Fur and Leather Company
Specializing in serving Native American Crafts people, Native Centers, Environmental agencies and schools, Educators and museums.
Crazy Crow Trading Post
Crazy Crow Trading Post American Indian Arts and crafting catalog.. Many items to choose from, like Bones beads, drumsticks, Broad Cloth Chevrons and much much more. This site may not be up yet.....
Art of the Southwest Indians
Native American Art
Adobe East
South West Native American Arts.
Spirit of the Land Foundation Home page and Information
Black Crow's
Black Crows Native Indian Arts
Lakhota Home Page.
The Kahnawake Mohawk Reservation In canada's home Page..

Native Populations
American Indian and Alaska Native Populations
American Indian Jewelry Stores
Specializing in Authentic Native American Indian Jewelry bought directly from the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations and the Zuni Pueblos
Bead work Information
Aunt Molly's Bead Street
Buckskin Creations
The Inter-Agricultural Committee is formed from Tribal representatives throughout the United States and is a market based Indian lobbyist group encouraging increased Indian economy in the market place.
Sun Bear Medicine Wheel
This is more new age Native than traditional Native American. - Budding Trees Moon - Red-tailed Hawk - WabunWind - Spirituality - The Budding Trees Moon is the first moon of Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the east and occurs at the time of the spring equinox.
Artistry & Prints by Ken West
Ken's Images of Sitting Bull and other beautifully drawn prints
Gathering Of Nations
Gathering of Nations Official Web Site
Bison Information
History of the North American Bison
American Indian Heritage
American Indian Heritage Foundation
Native Poetry & Prayers
Words of Darlene Whispering Song Bird
Evening Rain's Web Pages
Evening Rain's Web Pages Very informative and great work.
Huron Indian Cemetary Web Site
Huron Indian Cemetary Web Site and The Curse of Huron Indian Cemetery
Native American History Archive
The Native American History Archive (NAHA)
Genealogy Online
The #1 Source for Accessing Native American Genealogy Online
Native American Religious Symbols in the Public Schools, USD 259, prayer in schools & eagle feathers.
Indianz Your Internet resource
Our mission is to provide you with quality news, information, and entertainment from a Native American perspective.
Native American/eastern woodland tribes/design and symbol meanings/stencils
Starlore of Native America assembled by Brad Snowder
Native American Traders
Native american traders is dedicated to offering to you the very best in Native American art, not necessarily the most expensive, but the most that your money can buy.
White Buffdalo
White Buffalo Calf Woman Legend
Native Americans and the Environment
You will find thousands of Internet and published resources described and cataloged at this site.
Native Tech Bead work
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
Navajo Nation
Ne-Do-Ba is a nonprofit Maine corporation [501(c)(3) public charity] established to explore and share topics relating to the Abenaki Indian and their Euroamerican relationships in Western Maine, past and present.
9th White Buffalo Calf
The 9th Sacred White Buffalo Calf Wahos'i, "Messenger"
Penobscot: A People and Their River
Penobscot: A People and Their River - Conservation Matters Journal of the Conservation Law Foundation
Penobscot Indian Art
Welcome to the Penobscot Indian Art page, your home for genuine hand crafted items and more.
Honoring the Animal Spirits
In the Native American tradition, man communicated with the Creator through interaction with nature; the birds, the forest, the animals....
Powhatan History In the words of Chief Roy Crazy Horse...
RED NATION OF THE CHEROKEE- KANSAS & the Question of Enrollment
Running Water Gifts
Indian Stories and Poems
Sacred Buffalo, American Indian Stories and Poems
Seminole Nation Web
Seminole Nation Web Resource and Information pages.
Six Nations of the Grand River
Six Nations of the Grand River; The history of the Kanienkehaka, the Mohawk people, begins at the very dawn of time.
Spirits of the Land Foundation
Spirits of the Land Foundation, a non-profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of the Sac and Fox Nation, Oklahoma,
Sharing the Art of New Mexico
The collectors guide to Indian Symbols
Creek Nation
An Introduction to the Creek Nation
American Indian Identity
The Crucible of American Indian Identity Part 2
Traditional Abenaki
Traditional Abenaki of Mazipskwik & Related Bands
WindyGrass Singers Web page
Windy Grass Singers web page Native American Teenage Drummers
The Powersource Gallery
"Welcome to the Powersource Gallery, a collection of Native American artistic symbols portraying powerful people, powerful places and powerful objects."
Yakama Indian Nation
the Yakima Nation elected to re-instate through self-government by tribal structure, restoring Indian leadership destroyed by wars.
Native American Plains & Woodland Style Creations
Native American Plains & Woodland Style Creations. Hand-crafted designs to your specifications. By Kelley Moonwater
American Indian History and Related Issues
American Indian Studies programs were created at a number of universities throughout the United States beginning in the late 1960s.
Geneology Links Page
Broken Thread Geneology resource page
Maija The Artist
Maija has made her home in the foothills of the Rockies. And is a gifted artist.
Links Page to Poetry and Stories
Links Page to Poetry and Stories
Lady Hawks Best Sites
Lady Hawks Best Native American Sites
Native American Drums, & Rattles
Native American Drums by Red Horse Drums. Handmade Native American Drums, & Rattles.
Soulmate Bears
Native American Soulmate Bears Collection
Native American Links and Images
Welcome to Spirit Dreams..
RCMP Native Information
The purpose of this guide is to help police officers gain an understanding of sacred ceremonies practised and sacred items carried by many Native people across Canada.
Native Web Site Evaluation
American Indian peoples live in the real world, and Web sites by and about Indian peoples live on the Web.
Alaska Native Resources
Other American Indian and Alaska Native Resources
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Spirits native Poems Literature and images
Sun Bear Medicine Wheel
Sun Bear Medicine Wheel Information Native American Spirituality
Campfire Stories Handbook
Campfire Stories Handbook Indian Legends III
Vision Quest Studios
Vision Quest Studios The visdionary Art of Diana Elizabeth Stanley
The Bear Tribe
Sun Bear had a Vision. A Vision of all Tribes, Nations, Peoples, returning to harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and All Our Relations.
Cherokee Prophicies
Excerpts from a talk at the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council, Fairbanks, Alaska By Lee Brown, Cherokee
Native Ceremonial Medicines and Herbs
Culture and Tradition Native Ceremonial Medicines and Herbs....

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