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The majestic wolf.

The Majestic wolf.. Wolves are the most misunderstood of the wild animals. Although, there are many stories (some of them wild wives tales) there have never been any confirmed attacks and killings of humans by healthy wolves. Wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit. The wolf is a true spirit of the free and unspoiled wilderness. There are several types or species of wolves.. The Red Wolf is the smallest (and it may also be extinct in the wild), The Mexican Wolf, The Arctic Wolf, and the gray Timber Wolf..The gray Wolf is not always gray, it may be black, gray, brown, white, or various combinations...

The feathers that Native Americans (Indians) wear in their hair were very important to them. Most feathers were more than just decoration. The feathers siginified some great honor such as being the chief of a tribe, or a hero in battle. And some denote rank in a tribal or clan's society.

The bald eagle is still an endangered species.

There are 59 species of eagles, and they are often divided into one of four categories. (1.) Fish and Sea Eagles ( those who live primarily upon a diet from the sea or rivers) (2.) Snake Eagles (often have crests upon their heads) (3.) Harpy or Giant Forested Eagles (are not found on this continent but are the largest member of the Eagle family) and (4.) Booted Eagles..(the Golden Eagle is a member of this family) There is a great variety within thes four groups. When it comes to coloring, and feather patterns, every eagle is unique and beautiful in it's own way. The bald Eagle is a part of the first category of Eagles. (Water and Fish) The feathers of Eagles are sacred to Native Americans. The Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle are the most important to those upon this continent. The Bald Eagle is Larger that the Golden Eagle. The Bald Eagle is a symbol of the feminine while the gold is a symbol of the masculine. Both of these Eagles have come to symbolize heroic nobility and Divine spirit.

The American Bison (Buffalo).

The American Buffalo is actually a Bison. Buffalo is a name that applies to the animals of Asia and Africa. To the Plains Indians the Bison is a symbol of sacred life and abundance. The Bison is a large animal and they can weigh up to a ton and a half. It has a massive head, humped shoulders, and some say an almost exaggerated appearance because of it's shaggy fur. The Bison is very unpredictable. And it is a very dangerous animal.. When the Native Americans killed the Bison they used every part of the animal that they had killed... The meat was their food.. It was dried and stored. The skins were used for their clothing and tepees. The hair was used to line saddle bags, make pillows and put into sleeping pads.. The sinews became their bow strings. From the hooves the Native People made glue. And in the stomaches and bladders the Native people carried water. And from the bones jewlery and pipes were made.. And the heads of the Bison were painted and placed facing the east. The Bison use their massive heads to clear patches of snow in the winter time so that it can feed upon the grasses beneath the snow.. The Bison will on occasion use it's head or horns to push or bowl things out of it's way. The Bison make several different sounds but the most common is the snort..

The bear is a symbol of strength.

The bear is a powerful symbol in the Native American culture. The bear is also an image in myth and lore. The bear is the largest of carinvores. But the bear can also be considered omnivorous, eating both plants, fruits, fish, and meats. The bear actually eats less meat than the smaller carnivores such as the fox. All bears are astonishingly swift. The Black bear, and the Grizzly bear can run up to speeds of 35 to 40 MPH or 60 to 65 KPH for short distances. All bears including the Polar bear can climb.. Only the size of the tree will discourage climbing. Bears in the wintertime live off their excess stored up body fat, their body temperature drops about 12 to 14 degrees, their kidneys shut down completely, and their breathing rate can be cut down by as much as half.. The depth of sleep depends on the amount of stored body fat.. Although distantly related to the dog, the bear is closer related to the raccoon.. There is a variety of bears. The most common bear is the Black bear. This is kind of a misnomer, as not all Black bears are black. They can be brown, cinnamon, and various other combinations. The very largest of the bears is the the Alaskan Brown bear. It is a relative of the Grizzly bear, the Brown bear is relatively solitary. The Grizzly is well known for it's strength and ferocity.. Even though the Grizzly can be quite fierce, it is not naturally aggressive. By far the Most outstanding hunter is the Polar bear. This white bear has NO fear.. it is the most carnivorous and the most aggressive of all the bear species. It feeds greatly on seals and fish.

The majestic wolf.

The Wolf is currently being re-introduced into some areas in the United States... Probably the biggest misconception of wolves is about their size..They are not nearly as large as most people imagine.. Their thick fur gives the appearance of a greater size, but they are usually no taller than a good sized German-Shepherd. Every member of the wolf pack knows its place in the hierarchial structure of that wolf pack.. There is the ALPHA male and the ALPHA female. The ALPHA male and ALPHA female often mate for life.. Wolves become sexually mature by the age of 22 to 24 months. The ritualistic behaviors that establish the wolf ranks are part of it's magic.. Wolf packs are not entirely autocratic - under the supreme rule of the ALPHA member... Neither are they democratic.. There are times when both occur, and it is the flexibility which adds to the success of the wolf government.

Native American Resource Pages!

My name is Robbie and here is that list of links!!
To get Powwow and Event Information
Native American Events
White Wolf Native American Traditional Clothing
Native American traditional clothing
Native American Recipes
The Spike
Native American Events
Oneida Nation
Oneida Nation Information list and pages
American Indian Research and Policy Institute
Research pages regarding Native Americans
Indian Tribes
Population Ranking
American Indian Horse Registry
A registry for Native American peoples and their horses with links.
Duck Valley Reservation
About the Duck Valley Reservation
15 fonts on Native American Languages
Information regarding 15 Native American downloadable fonts.

Association of American Indian Physicians
Take a look at this information from a professional aspect...
American Indian Association
The American Indian Library Association Home Page
The Powhatan Renape Nation
Information and web pages from the Powhatan Renape Indian Nation
American History By Phil Konstantin
This week in American Indian History by Phil Konstantin "This is a GREAt site"
American Indian Language Development Institute
Information about American Indian Languages
The Spirit of the Land Foundation
I have not checked this site. Please let me know if there are any problems with any of these other great sites. Thank you!
Spirit Vision Publishers Gallery
This is an interesting site on art. It also mentions Kokopeli, a Native American South west Tradition, in Indian art.
Native American Indian Art, Culture, Education and History
These pages and links you are about to embark on are no longer maintained. The author passed away in the summer of 1997. There are over 300 links here too.
The Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Indian Museum and Information
This site was referred to me by M.T. Sack from Nova Scotia.
The Mi'kmaq Museum Links page..
Here is a page of links not necessarily Native American or Native Canadian, but it also links museums and other information recources.
Information about Native American Indian Tribes
This site contains information about the population rankings of Native Americans in the United States.
Tlingit and Haida nations web site.
Tlingit and Haida tribes of Alaska..
Indian Com
This site is a non profit group for native assistance on maintaining your own electronic information for people and businesses.
Recources for Indian Art (schools and others??)
Art, Education, and American Indian Artists.
Native American Organizations
This is a list of Native American Indian organizations, accross the United States and If I remember correctly Alaska too.

Inuit Fonts
This is the page where you can download the Inuit fonts in a zip file. To access these fonts you have to have a file that will unzip these items like winzip or another zip program.
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Wild Horse gaming resort. fun excitement and friendly services.
Quohadi's Home Page
Go to the Numuukahani/Comanche Lodge. This site is dedicated to the Comanche People..
Coyote Press
These pages specialize in Archaeology, History, Prehistory, Ethnography, Linguistics and native Anerican Studies of California and western North America.
American Indian Environmental Gov. Ofc.
I have not yet checked this out yet. If there is any problems please let me know. If it is The American Indian Environmemtal Government Offices of Information.
New Brunswick Canada Indians and Govt. Relations
Information on New Brunswick Canada Indians and thier association, and relations with the Government of New Brunswick of Canada
Dept. Of the interior On the Web Bureau of Indian Affairs
Us Department Of the Interior Bureau Of Indian Affairs Water recources technitian Training Program. Regarding Native Americans.
Indian territory History of our country before Statehood
This is an informational site. The countryside was occupied by many different tribes.
Pueblo's of the Santa Ana Tribal Enterprises
Pueblo's of the Santa Ana native American Home page and main menu.. There is a lot here including possible recipes.
Indian Health Service
Protecting the health and preventing disease among American Indians. Also visit our IHS home page.
Innu Nation Home Page
This is a tri linguistical home page. Innu/French/English.
Lenni Lenape -- Delaware Tribe of Indian Home Page
Informational, this is the main menu to the Lenni Lenape Home page and main menu.
Costano Ohlone Indian Canyon Recources Page
Information about the Indigenous Californians Native American Experiences.

Sac and Fox Nations Home Pages
The home pages from the People of the Yellow Earth, and the People of the Red Earth.
Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Here is the Potawatomi Nation's home pages and links.
Nisga'a Nation's Home Page
The history of Nisga'a Nation's who we are, speeches, history, places and links.
Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Informational pages full of links, language, treaties, lifestyle, and information about the Huron and other cultures.
American Indian Tribal Directory
Who's who and who's not on the web.
This is the web site of the South Dakota Oral History Center at the USD Institute of American Indian Studies of South Dakota.
Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation in Utah
This information is great and educational. The reservation is astride the Nevada Utah border.
Powwow's and Events
Southern California's Powwow's and events calendar.
Powwow Information
Council Tree Powwow Information database...
Northern Colorado Inter-Tribal Powwow Association information pages.
Information about the internationally known Schemitzun Powwow and events..
GON Info page
The Gathering of Nations Powwow information pages.
North American Powwow and Events
North American Powwow's and events schedules and information
Swift Eagle
Swift Eagle Native American Recource pages.. Some of the links may already be on my pages but there may be some that aren't so check it out...
The Kansas Indian Heritage Server
Indian agencies and villages in Kansas
Indian Arts and crafts act of 1990
Law101-644 was signed to promote nad protect Domestic American Indian artists and crafts people.
Native American Journalism Association, and communication.
Contact Information about the Coquille Indian Tribe.
Contact Information about the Chilkat Indian Village
Contact information for the Douglas Indian Association...
Indian Music
CD's and other types of music.
Indian Christmas prayer
Here is a Native American Christmas Prayer for Christmas time..
Native American Higher Education (subpart3) Adult Ed.
This is a website dedicated to Native American Higher Education. Eligible applicants include Indian Tribes, and Organizations, Indian Institutions, public agencies, and State Education Agencies.
UMASS list of Native American Links
Here is a list of links that will let you find many things in native American History and Culture, Literature and Language.. Have fun browsing these pages...
Aboriginal People of NB
Native Indian People of Canada - Aboriginal People of New Brunswick Canada
Dakota Indian People's Home Pages
Russell Means Home Page
I have not checked this site out... PLease let me know if there is anything I should look at.
Being Indian
Native Community today, varied diverse, complex.. By Susan Applegate Krouse


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